If you are 75 to 100 pounds or more overweight,
you may qualify for the LAP-BAND®

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Lap-Band® Weight Loss Solution.

Laparoscopic Gastric Band Placement, also known as LAP-BAND® Surgery, is a minimally invasive operation which helps you lose weight, with fewer risks than any other type of weight loss surgery. We at AmericanLapBand have specialized surgeons in the areas of banding and bypass operations, as well as nutritionists who can set up non-surgical or surgery complimenting weight loss and nutrition programs incorporating an extensive set of weight loss and management services. Our two most popular adjustable gastric banding options are the LAP-BAND® and REALIZE® systems.

Patient Success Stories

LAP-BAND Surgeons have changed hundreds of people’s lives

stories_bgSearch our library of success stories and testimonial videos to see how others have achieved weight loss success with the LAP-BAND® System.see_more_ov

All in one – $45


Certified LAP-BAND® System surgeons do more than just perform your procedure. They serve a center of real-world support, helping to ensure your weight loss success.

Financing & Insurance

AmericanLapBand offers financing packages and will assist with insurance verification.


Choose from one of our convenient Southern California locations to get started on a new you.

Free Insurance Verification


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